It is to be informed that  PERIODIC TEST for 50 marks will commence from Sep 18, 2021 to Sep 24, 2021 as per date sheet.


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Steps to Download St Paul Public School App. For Virtual Classes

   Dear Stpauliians 

   Follow the steps:

1. Click on the link below to download  St Paul Public School  app from play store

2. Enter your username/ admission ID

Password is student.

( If you don't remember then I share in some time)

3. Click on live class G - meet

4. In this step you will see upcoming classes. Click on live classes.

5. Choose your Gmail account.

6. Join class

7. Click on Google meet

8. Click on your g mail account.

9. Wait and join the meeting/ class.

10. Keep camera mode On.

11. Keep Mute.